Flower Packaging

What you will need

  • A sturdy cardboard box (ideally around 12"x12"x12") Make sure it is not more than 60cm high or the post office will make you use a more expensive service.

  • A cardboard florists vase 

  • A newspaper 

  • Kitchen paper

  • A zip lock bag

  • An elastic band

Step 1: Preparing your flowers:
With flowers, preparation is key to them arriving to me in a good condition. First, trim about an inch off the ends of the stems at an angle rather than straight across. Don't be scared - it's actually good for the flowers as they will drink better. Then, wrap the entire bottom of the flower stalks and foliage with wet paper towels or tissue. This can be secured in a zip lock bag with an elastic band to prevent the water leaking over the rest of your box.

Step 2: Packing your flowers:
Please ensure that you find a box which is the right size to fit your flowers and pack the box with a cardboard florists vase in the centre of your box. You could improvise with something similar, add
scrunched up newspaper (or something similar) around the edges of the box to ensure that they can’t move.


Please DO NOT:

  • Use plastic bags/bubble wrap as the plastic makes them sweat and rot! Once your flowers are in place, add some more newspaper loosely around the sides and top of the flowers to secure them.

  • Send flowers that you would like returned. We will not return additional flowers, foliage, ribbons etc


IMPORTANT - Please also leave a note with the flowers, with your name and the shape(s) that you have ordered your flowers to be preserved in so that I know that they are yours!


Step 3: Posting your flowers:
Write ‘FRAGILE FRESH FLOWERS’ on your box along with my postal address provided in your confirmation email.

  • IMPORTANT - Please be aware that if you send your items signed for/special delivery and I am not in to sign for them, they will be taken to the sorting office where I’ll be able to collect them the next working day. This will potentially extend the flowers time in postage, so its important to send them as soon as possible.


Step 4: Sit back and relax!
I’ll inform you once your flowers have arrived safely and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Stress Free Packing

To make things easier we can also send you a 'Postage Pack' for £10 which would have all the stuff that you require.

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